If you suspect that any materials that you want to remove of renovate may contain asbestos, it is vital that you have them tested before touching them. It is always better to check and know for certain that something does not contain asbestos than risk your own and others health by skipping this important step. Asbestos containing materials (ACM) can be in places that you have not even thought of.

In homes, some of the most common materials that contain asbestos include roof sheeting, gutters and downpipes, internal and external walls (particularly bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries), ceilings, vinyl floor tile adhesives, sheet vinyl backing.

In commercial spaces, asbestos can commonly be found in service risers, plant rooms, power boards, air ducting, spray – on insulation, ceiling cavities and thermal pipe insulation.

What should you look for when seeking asbestos testing Sunshine Coast?

You should look for a company that takes samples from all around the site, not just that materials you want to remove, or suspect has asbestos. That way they can ensure that all ACM has been identified. They should also take special measures during the collection and testing of these materials to avoid potential contamination of the samples. Once all ACM has been identified, they should put together a full plan to safely remove and dispose of the materials. This again is to ensure your and others safety when dealing with these highly hazardous materials. Asbestos testing is not a DIY job, it should always be done by fully qualified and experienced professionals.

Before you renovate, speak with us first about our asbestos testing Sunshine Coast services to ensure a safe renovation process.