For large-scale renovations of industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants, it is essential to work with an experienced team.

At Icon Renovations, our renovation specialists understand the unique needs of industrial spaces and work closely with clients to ensure optimal outcomes. We recognise the need to optimise functionality, safety and productivity while still actively complying with industry standards and regulations.

Our highly skilled team of tradespeople can assist with:

  • Demolition, including the licensed and safe removal of asbestos
  • Structural reconfigurations and reinforcing
  • Upgrading existing electrical or plumbing
  • Safety enhancements such as the installation of fire alarm systems or changes to adhere to current building codes
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Improving energy efficiency through insulation, HVAC upgrades and more.


No matter the scale, budget or industry involved in your industrial renovation, we have the necessary skill and expertise to deliver exceptional results.